Lesson Ten: Media Values and Points of View: Powerpoint Presentation

19 Mar

Subject: Language Arts
Cross Curricular Competencies: To use information. To exercise critical judgment. To use creativity. To adopt effective work methods. To use information and communication technologies. To cooperate with others.
Broad Areas of Learning: Consumer rights and responsibilities. Media literacy. Citizenship and community life.
Materials: Computers/ Pens and paper.

Time: Two Classes of 1 1/2 hours each.

Objectives: Students will learn how to create an effective power point presentation. Students will discover the embedded values and points of view of a media message by creating a power point presentation from the different points of view of people involved in the chocolate industry. They will understand the connection between the choice of images and text of a media message and its intended goals.

Introduction: The teacher will introduce the concept of points of view from a literary perspective. She/he will read novel excerpts from characters of different ages, sexes, economic situations, and ethnic backgrounds and ask students to guess who is speaking. The class will review the different people involved in the chocolate industry and imagine what each one would have to say about their experiences.


  • Students will be instructed in the constituent elements of an effective power point presentation, stressing that it be concise, emphatic, and intentionally structured to develop a theme.
  • Students will be informed that the power point presentation that they will create will have a limit of seven to ten words per slide and will consist of seven slides. They will be advised to choose their words and their images judiciously.
  • Students will be divided into pairs or small groups. Half of these groups will be chosen randomly to represent a multinational chocolate company, while the other half will represent children involved in cocoa production.
  • The class will view a video message from a CEO of Nestle and view an interview with children who are involved in exploitative cocoa production practices.
  • Each group will prepare the text for their seven slides. The topic will be ‘What does chocolate mean to me’.
  • At the beginning of the second lesson students will be instructed systematically in the use of power point, including searching for and adding images from the inter net. They will practice their skills until they are confident.
  • Students will use the text that they have prepared and add one image per slide to complete their power point presentations. Once completed the class will view each presentation and have a discussion about the text and images that were chosen to represent the point of view of each participant in the chocolate industry.

Students will have hands on experience in creating a power point presentation as well as gaining experiential knowledge of the relationship between points of view and media messages. Assessment will focus on the completed power point presentation.

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