Lesson Nine: Audience Negotiation of Media Meanings

20 Mar

Subject: Language Arts
Cross Curricular Competencies: Exercising critical judgment. To construct his/her identity. To communicate appropriately.
Broad Areas of Learning: Media literacy. Health and well being.
A hat and a list of characters. Pens and paper.

Time: 1 hour

Objectives: To introduce the concept that audiences negotiate meanings of media messages. To interpret media messages from the perspectives of different cultural, age, and social groups. To assess  student ability to critically interpret media.


  • The teacher reviews the concepts relating to media representations and body images, including the concepts of self esteem and health.
  • Students are invited to brainstorm about the ideas and concepts that they have learned about media literacy.
  • Students are introduced to the idea that different audiences will interpret a media message differently.
  • The class plays a game where a student picks a name from a hat. That name represents a person from a specific age group and sociocultural background, for instance ‘a Greek Grandma’ or ‘a young Haitian boy’ or ‘a Canadian teenager’.
  • The student is asked to personify the character that he/she has chosen and to offer an interpretation of a specific advertisement. All students are invited to participate.
  • Students are asked how they interpret media messages differently now that they have some tools at their disposal. They are asked to write a few sentences describing how they interpret media.

Conclusion: This self assessment will enhance students’ knowledge acquisition and will allow the teacher to assess the success of the previous lessons.

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