Lesson Seven: Creating an Oppositional Advertisement

24 Mar

Subjects: Language Arts. Visual Arts.
Cross Curricular Competencies: Using information and media technology. Exercising critical judgment. To construct his/her identity. To communicate appropriately.
Broad Areas of Learning: Media literacy. Health and well being.
Materials: Paper for rough draft and good copy of poster. Felt pens, colored pencils.

Time: 1 1/2 hours

Objectives:  To understand the concepts involved in creating an advertisement with an oppositional meaning. To create a Nestle advertisement with an oppositional meaning.

Introduction: The teacher reviews the elements of media deconstruction from the previous class.


  • The class views several ad buster ads and learns about their campaigns to offer alternative views than those offered in the mainstream media.
  • The class examines chocolate bar and other food labels to see what they include. They brainstorm about all the aspects of chocolate production that are not apparent from the labeling.
  • Working in pairs or small groups students are invited to create a logo, a slogan, and a label that more accurately reflects the reality of cocoa production. For example, one may choose a ‘Nestle Snake’ that keeps secrets, with a catchy slogan like ‘simply sinful’ and the label could include 80% slave labor. Students sketch a rough copy of their ad and label and then draw and color a small poster size version.

Conclusion: By creating an oppositional advertisement students demonstrate their understanding of the elements of media production.

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