Lesson Six: Deconstructing Nestle Advertisements

25 Mar

Subject: Language Arts
Cross Curricular Competencies: Exercising critical judgment.
Broad Areas of Learning: Media literacy. Consumer rights and responsibilities. Citizenship and community life.

Objectives: To understand the purposeful process of creating an advertisement. To introduce and practice the key concepts involved in media deconstruction. To deconstruct Nestle print and video  advertisements.

Materials: Computer with inter net connection, white board and projector, paper and pens, student handout with terminology.

Time:  1 1/2 hours

Introduction: The class views a series of Nestle Bunny print ads, taking note of the slogans. (‘Stir up some fun.’ ‘It’s magic.’ etc.) The teacher introduces the idea that advertisers carefully craft their product with specific intentions.


  • The teacher outlines the concepts involved in semiotics, including: signs, symbols, language construction, denotation, and connotation using examples from daily life and print ads.
  • The class practices using these concepts in an oral discussion. They begin by looking at various examples of print ads, and then focus on Nestle print ads.
  • The class views several Nestle video ads from 1970 to 2010. Students are invited to respond to these ads with comments and interpretations.
  • .
  • The teacher introduces the concepts of production and textual analysis, including: target audience, meanings of representations, ideological messages, naturalized concepts, preferred and oppositional meanings, using clear and simple explanations and examples.
  • The class views another Nestle video ad. They are divided into groups of five students and asked to deconstruct the ad with the use of a printed guideline, including the simple explanations of the previously discussed concepts. The teacher walks around and helps students.
  • The class comes together to share their ideas.

Conclusion: Students become familiar with concepts of deconstruction of media messages through their hands on experience of interpreting Nestle print and video ads. Assessment is carried out through the student responses to the hand-out.

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