Lesson Five: Creating Our Own Media

25 Mar

Subjects: Language Arts/ Media Technology
Cross Curricular Competencies: To use information. To exercise critical judgment. To use information and communication technologies.
Broad Areas of Learning: Consumer rights and responsibilities. Media literacy. Citizenship and community life.
Papers and pencils.
Video Camera.

Time: Two lessons of 1 1/2 hours each.

Introduction: This lesson is introduced by reminding students of our contributions to the social inequalities in the Ivory Coast.


  • The teacher starts a discussion to get children to reflect on their own feelings about what they have learned throughout this unit on slavery in the chocolate industry.
  • Students are split into small groups and encouraged to discuss together what they think about what they learned and what they think should be done about it.
  • After this brief discussion, students are asked if they want to share their feelings or ideas with the class.
  • Next, the teacher tells the students that they will be given time to write a poem, a spoken word, or a rap about what they have learned that they will then speak individual in front of the video camera. Students are encouraged to be creative, and to write about whatever they feel is important about what is going on in the chocolate industry.
  • Students work individually, at first brainstorming ideas and eventually coming out with a full piece of work to be handed in for assessment.
  • At the next class, students are handed back their poems/raps/or spoken word pieces and take turns reading in front of the camera. (An extension activity for another lesson may be to work with editing software in the lab to bring the poems together into a class video about chocolate slavery).

Conclusion: The lesson ends with a reminder that we can all make a difference in the world and that it is important to be informed. This leads students into the following lessons that delve deeper into a critically deconstruction of media. Assessment will be ascertained through an evaluation of the student’s written poetry/rap/ or spoken word piece, and through their performance in front of the video camera.

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